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The Chiropractor’s Perspective: It’s More Than Just Treatment

The Chiropractor’s Perspective: It’s More Than Just Treatment

Many of us underestimate the impact of our daily habits on our overall health, especially when it comes to what we’re sitting on and sleeping on. In a recent video, Scott Vaughn, alongside chiropractor Michael Travis from Total Health Chiropractic in Benton, shares invaluable insights into the critical role that proper support plays in our spinal health. Dr. Travis points out that many patients who visit him with back and neck pain don’t realize that their pain could be significantly mitigated, or even prevented, by choosing the right mattress and chair.

The Happy ZZZ’s Commitment

As Michael Travis mentions in the video, what you sleep and sit on can greatly impact your health. At Happy ZZZ’s, we are committed to offering you more than just mattresses – we offer expertise and guidance to help you find the perfect sleep solution. Our team of sleep consultants listens to your needs and preferences, guiding you towards mattresses, chairs, and recliners designed to alleviate pressure points and promote restful sleep.

Stressless Recliners: Endorsed by the ACA

Did you know Stressless® is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association? You can come in and experience more than just comfort. Stressless furniture supports your body’s natural posture, promoting spinal health and reducing discomfort. Enhanced lumbar and headrest support offer a holistic solution for optimal well-being. Say goodbye to stress, and welcome the therapeutic advantages of Stressless® into your daily life.

Experience the Summer Sale

As Dr. Michael Travis emphasizes, while chiropractic adjustments can alleviate pain and restore mobility, the benefits may be short-lived if patients return to using unsupportive furniture. Don’t wait to invest in your health – visit us at Happy ZZZ’s today and find the mattress that is right for you!

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