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The Benefits of Having an Adjustable Base

Adjustable bases have gained popularity as the world has evolved allowing families of all ages to experience the luxury of customizable sleep at the touch of a button.

If you have never had an adjustable base in your home, you may be thinking one would feel like a hospital bed. While it does come with many health benefits, an adjustable base is the key to a luxurious sleep system that gives people the freedom to read, relax and have rejuvenating sleep every night.

What is an Adjustable Base?

The adjustable base takes the place of a traditional wooden foundation or boxspring. It can sit inside a bedroom set, have a headboard attached to it, or be used by itself. Its design can fit inside any headboard-footboard- rail system and can even accommodate those who want the effortless platform look with space to hide away all things.

An adjustable base can raise and lower your head and feet to accommodate your different lounging and sleeping needs. Our most popular adjustable bases have extra features such as gentle massage, anti-snore motion, and even a zero-gravity mode.

What are the Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base?

  1. Puts the body into an ergonomically correct position
  2. Alleviates chronic back pain
  3. Suppresses or eliminates symptoms of acid reflux, allergies and asthma
  4. Reduces or eliminates snoring
  5. Proven to help those with insomnia sleep
  6. Reduces swelling of the ankles
  7. Helps with food digestion and diet efforts
  8. Reduces or eliminates restless leg syndrome symptoms
  9. Proven to help those with chronic heart disease and diabetes through blood circulation.

The Benefits of an Adjustable Base are Quite Clear!

Having an adjustable base is the perfect addition to your mattress for all ages! It has many health benefits and is great for those who love to lounge in bed. Might I also add the adjustable base is priced at a very affordable price! Come see us at Happy Zzz’s Sit & Sleep to try an adjustable base for yourself!

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