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Introducing the New Bedgear M3

Introducing the New Bedgear M3

Do you and your partner agree on everything? We didn’t think so! We have the perfect solution when it comes to sleep- the Bedgear M3. The M3 Bedgear Mattress is designed to cater to sleep partners with varying comfort preferences. Whether you prefer a firm or plush sleeping surface, this mattress allows each person to select their ideal firmness, ensuring both partners achieve their perfect night’s sleep without compromise.

Cool and Health-Conscious Sleeping

For those who tend to sleep warm or live in hotter climates, the M3 Bedgear Mattress offers a breath of fresh air. Its advanced design promotes enhanced airflow, creating a cooler sleeping environment that helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. Creating a clean and healthy sleep environment is paramount, and the M3 Bedgear Mattress excels in providing a space that supports health and wellbeing. Its materials and construction are optimized for hygiene, ensuring you breathe easy and rest well every night.

Versatility in Sizing and Function

No matter your space or needs, the M3 Bedgear Mattress is ready to fit right in. Available in sizes ranging from Twin XL to the expansive Split Head California King, this mattress is compatible with adjustable bases, offering a personalized sleep experience that adjusts to your lifestyle and preferences.

It’s a Scott’s Pick!

This mattress has it all – and it’s a Scott’s Pick! Check out this video from our owner, Scott Vaughn, and dive deeper into all that the Bedgear M3 has to offer. Don’t compromise on sleep, comfort, or the cuddle zone – get the M3 today!

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